Rating: 4 out of 5

All right, friends. I just returned from seeing Ant-Man. I must admit that I was not all that interested in seeing this movie, and nothing about the trailer did anything to change my perception, but I am glad I watched it. It was not bad at all.

Let’s take a detour for a second…

Why the fuck do people feel the need to talk through a whole damn movie? I am not talking about the occasional lean and whisper that is often annoying, but ignorable. I am talking about a young couple who spends an entire movie laughing and talking over the movie as if the entire world is an audience to their Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. In what parallel universe is this acceptable? Why are people so entitled and so self-absorbed, they have no qualms about doing whatever the fuck they want regardless of how disrespectful it is to those around them? Is it because they feel there is no consequence for their actions? Perhaps there should be. Perhaps an adequate reasoning for beating the shit out of someone should be “because they were rude.” Let’s get a petition going or something. No one should be allowed to be that stupid without being beaten to a pulp with stale hotdogs and extra-large collectable cups featuring characters from The Hunger Games.

I mean, everyone over the age of five has an understanding that it is rude to talk through a movie. Even the easily-forgetful are reminded thirty seven times before the movie starts by large red balls or talking M&M’s. So what possesses certain people to make the entire experience about them? When will Social Darwinism reign?! I was so close to simply walking out to avoid turning that man into a very regretful person. GAH!

Okay…I’m better now. Do we see the healing power of writing? Back to the movie.

Ant-Man starred Paul Rudd as the man of antness, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, and Corey Stoll. The characters were well-written and acted well, and I enjoyed how they all interacted together. I have especially enjoyed Michael Douglas ever since I saw Falling Down years ago. Come to think of it, I identified with his character from that movie even more while I sat near the assholes during this movie. As good as those main characters were, Michael Pena stole the show as the idiot friend of Ant-Man. He was utterly hilarious and fun to watch, and he has been getting better and better with every role.

What I really loved about this movie was the fact that it did not take itself too seriously. The humor in it went beyond the silly one-liners that we see in most action-packed movies and travelled into a realm where we could laugh at the very existence of a world where an Ant-Man saves the day. There were sight gags that were truly funny, and the characters were odd without drifting into a zone of complete nonsense. The humor element in particular helped to take the concept of this movie from pretty dumb to pretty entertaining.

Some of the martial arts was pretty over-the-top in a movie where the hero does not have any special powers, but it was a mild hiccup in an otherwise well-done film. The action sequences were generally great, especially when Paul Rudd was kicking ass as a tiny little man.

In the end, the couple shut the fuck up (probably because I kept staring at them) and I enjoyed the movie. It is certainly not the best superhero story out there, but the humor and the acting helped it stand against them. I give Ant-Man four out of five.

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