The Anti-Rap


My name’s Sir Chase
I’m a fake ass knight
I read very well
And my grammar’s tight
I ball like I’m black
But I’m really white
The ladies love me
Like I’m from Twilight

Without the gay sparkles…

I carry a strap
And I wear the blue
Cuz arresting gangsters
Is what I do
I roll through the hood
With my spit-shined shoes
I kick some ass
And eat Big League Chew

I drool on myself, fool…

I’m a clean cut cracka
Never smoked a dube
But I ain’t no Monk
Like Tony Shalhoub
I drink choco milk
And I like big boobs
I’m a complicated soul
Like a Rubix Cube

That’s right…
I’m complicated and shit…
You can only get one side of me…
Unless you cheat and Google it…

I wrote this rap
To tell a story
Of my cool nature
And all my glory
If you don’t like it
I’ll make life gory
Or we can talk about it
On Springer or Maury

Povich bitch…


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