Stuck In An Elevator

I wrote this sketch for USC in 2004 when I applied for their screenwriting program. I just recently found it, and I can definitely understand why I was not accepted. I do, however, think it’s funny. That is the beauty of comedy. Not everyone has to like it. What worries me is the constant need for people to call comedy racist or offensive. Comedy (especially satire) is meant to make people laugh. It’s not meant to hurt people. If you find some form of comedy offensive, simply stop giving it your attention. Don’t attempt to chastise others for enjoying it, and don’t simply categorize it as a weapon against humanity. Jokes are jokes. Do not mistake them for weapons of hate. I have always admired Matt Stone and Trey Parker for their willingness to push boundaries without compromising. I think this attitude has allowed them to create comedy without the over-sensitive social critics constantly asking them to apologize for their creations. With that said, here’s my sketch about a little white girl and her desire to be a Black Panther:

black panther sketch

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