Day Two

(I decided to continue the story of zombie survival that I began for the Z.E.R.T. contest. Again, the struggle was to create a chapter that is compelling and exactly 500 words.)

The full moon gave just enough light to see the bloody chaos that lay beyond the station doors. We had been fighting for ten hours, holding the walls of our beloved home. We had lost radio communications two hours after our initial incident, and cell phones stopped working shortly after. Soto and I kept telling each other that our families were safe somewhere, but we really had no idea. Most of the looters had already turned; recruited into the army of the undead.

There were six officers and two civilians in the station, huddled in the lobby like children at some warped sleepover. We were the last hope, but now we were almost out of ammo, and the civilians were uneasy.

“We’re trapped! I can’t die here! I need to see my family!”

Sue was her name, I think. She was starting to worry me. We couldn’t afford to have someone panic, and we couldn’t afford the noise she was making. I did my best to reason with her.

“I need you to breathe. Please…it’s important that we remain calm and stay quiet. It’s the only way we’ll make it out of here.”

She snorted as her head whipped towards me.

“Calm!? I don’t have time for calm! I’m getting the fuck out of here!”

She ran for the doors. Soto grabbed her as she reached the glass and dragged her backwards, whispering for her to stop screaming before she got us all killed. It didn’t matter. One of them had heard her, or smelled her…I don’t know…and it began to stumble towards the doors. It was joined by a dozen or so of the bastards, and they were picking up speed. Sue was oblivious; still blathering on about her family.

She was too distracted to notice as the first zombie burst through the doors and grabbed her from behind. It used to be a male. I could tell by the Ray Lewis jersey it was wearing. It was a Broadway Crip. I knew him well. Great…a zombie gangster. It sunk its teeth into her neck and dragged her to the ground, then began to dig through her flesh until her head rolled away. The rest of the horde followed. It seemed our slumber party was over.

“Time to move!”

We raced to the back of the station and the parking structure. As we left, I was deafened by the howls of the undead, and the sounds of our burning city. We loaded ourselves and a few weapons into our black and white and headed towards the exit. It was no longer our job to worry about the city. Our job was to survive.

As the electric gate began to creak and slide open, we were struck with our first real glimpse of the outside world. The undead plagued the streets. We looked at each other briefly.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

Flesh and bones cracked as we left Newton behind. It was time to find our families.

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