A Poem for Lilly

I did a little arts and crafts for my new baby cousin, the first girl in my family in decades.

You’re really quite small
And you sleep quite a lot
You smell just like poop
And you’re covered in snot
You cry and you yell
Like a monkey for food
You don’t let mom sleep
Oh, you’re really quite rude
You’re scary to hold
I’m afraid that you’ll break
So I try not to move
Or cause you to wake
But soon you will walk
And you’ll stumble and fall
Then you’ll pick yourself up
And run into a wall
You’ll fart and you’ll laugh
Then you’ll fart once again
Oh, you’ll worry your dad
‘Til you’re fifty plus ten
You’re the first Hooper girl
In one trillion days
And that makes you quite special
In so many ways
You bring the world joy
And headaches galore
But you’ll grow and you’ll grow
And we’ll all love you more
So grow, little Lilly
Grow big and grow tall
But not like a giant
You won’t like that at all

Lilly photo

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