Halloween In Hell

Brimstone rises
From the crust of the land
Satanic prizes
Are given by hand
Take this head, little child
And a heart just for you
Now go into the wild
Bring chaos there with you
Lucifer is near
Filling the Earth with his despair
He’s spreading hellish fear
To the sinners found up there
Down here we celebrate
In the fires of the lost
With bats and blood we decorate
As the baby roast defrosts
Rolls of toilet paper
Are set ablaze for fun
Then sent on evil capers
To land upon some nuns
And added to this day
Is the razor-candy treat
We’ll eat it while the demons play
And gnaw upon our feet
Music fills the layers
With screeching sounds of pain
It’s Bieber and his players
They’re driving us insane
When this horrid night has ended
It’s back to torture cells
For this is how He wants it
Every Halloween in Hell

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