How To Fix California

Have you seen all the news?
We’re all up shit creek
California is doomed
It all looks quite bleak

Unemployment has soared
People can’t afford homes
They can’t afford food
Or hair for their combs

The Earth keeps shaking
Yet nobody talks
It’s like we’re all living
In Michael J Fox

While fires have burned
Every last tree and feather
California is focused
On famous warm weather

It’s clear we are dying
A Biblical death
After all, we’re all hooked
On coffee and meth

We must make a change
To save all our lives
Let’s sacrifice someone
So we can survive

My vote goes to Kanye
He’s someone I’d choose
He’s a dick and he smells bad
He wears ugly shoes

We can drown him in “FroYo”
Or something pretentious
Like death by a Prius
Our smug is infectious

Then we will be safe
And Hell will not spread
For the gods will be pleased
That Kanye is dead

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