National Day of Boobism

This poem was written in honor of the first National Day of Boobism, which is coming this Sunday (May 24th, 2015). It is the first holiday of its kind and will occur on the fourth Sunday in May of each year. Remember, Boobism is the way and the light.

The world is full of many boobs
Spread out across the lands
And many Boobist followers
With boobs upon their hands
They live a great philosophy
A mission to be wise
They worship every lady lump
Regardless of its size
For breasticles are happy things
They hang, and bounce, and dance
They spread such joy through all the world
And ruin people’s pants
Though some are flat like old pancakes
That drag upon the ground
And some are tiny little things
That make small farting sounds
Though some are huge and epic jugs
That smother all in sight
And some are pointy statue things
That never have stage fright
They all deserve the world as friends
They all need love and praise
Yes, even those still stuck inside
That weird lopsided phase
Each boob deserves the most respect
From every living thing
And everyone should recognize
The joy that they all bring
So raise a glass of chocolate milk
Each fourth Sunday in May
And celebrate with all your heart
The Boobist holiday

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