The Cycle

I need chocolate
And cheese
A bag of salty nuts
Give me cupcakes
And pie
And pickled turtle butts
I feel sad
No! Angry!
I want my favorite show
Don’t smile
I hate you!
I thought that you should know
My head hurts
My stomach
I’m bloated, fat, and gross
You bastard!
You don’t love me!
I’m feeling quite morose
Just hug me
Get away
It’s too hot to be close
I’m freezing
Come love me
I need you, I suppose
Time to nap
I swear
I won’t take all the bed
Move over
I’m squished
You’re six feet from my head
I’m sorry
I’m crazy
It’s just for one more day
I lied
I’m pregnant
Get used to me this way

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