Treacherous Pissers

What is destroying the world today
A disgustingly careless feat
It’s committed by the evilest men
The bastards that piss on the seat
They walk willy-nilly into the restroom
And whip out their smelly ol’ dong
Then spray all their piss all over the place
As if they’re not doing it wrong
The walls are all wet and so is the floor
But the bastards do not even care
They just walk away and shake it ten times
And leave all the puddles right there
We must stop this madness and stop these great foes
From drowning us all in their piss
We’ll round them all up and improve their damn aim
With penile target practice

One thought on “Treacherous Pissers

  1. Having a son who has a bit of an aiming problem, I completely understand this poem. Love the poem, hate the topic. Well said Sir Chase.

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