You Cheated (In My Dreams)

I can’t believe you did that
Your heart is made of stone
The things I saw you doing
The nerve that you have shown

You cannot hope to hide it
The world has plainly seen
Your atrocious acts of lusting
Your sluthood in my dreams

That guy I met that one time
He told me what you did
You fooled around with Guile
Then Brad Pitt and some kid

You cheated with a shadow
I know it, yes it’s true
My dead aunt Flo just told me
It’s what you always do

You’re running ‘round in circles
Your lies are dipped in fire
You left me for a hobbit
You wrecked it in The Shire

I’m sick of all these games
Your sick and twisted lies
Your infantile behavior
Is truly your demise

And when I wake I see you
Smirking as you sleep
I know that you are with him
That one-armed homeless creep

But I will have my vengeance
The next night when I dream
I’ll play with Megan Fox’s boobs
And cheat to the extreme

(And you’ll be pissed when you wake up)

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