Books- Poems from the Weird Kid

Here are some links to give you options on where to buy my new poetry book Poems from the Weird Kid, and the first release from my company Knight Watch Publishing. (Hardcover) (Softcover)

Poems From the Weird Kid is a collection of silly poetry created by Sir Chase Hooper. Take a journey through the depths of irreverence as you explore topics ranging from serial killing teddy bears to unwanted physical contact with the Kool-Aid Man. It’s delightful.

“Poems From the Weird Kid is the third most important creation on record next to God’s creation of boobs and bacon.” -Ted Nugent’s bow salesman

“If I had a nickel for every time I laughed while reading Poems From the Weird Kid, I’d have like thirty-five cents and two Jolly Ranchers.” -The drummer from Gin Blossoms


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